Sonntag, 30. August 2009

Cookbook-review: Attila Hildmann "Vegan Kochbuch Vol. 1"

As you might have recognized I mostly cook without any recipes. I just look in my fridge or I cook recipes out of my memory and/or change them.
But from time to time I like to look at a good cookbook to get inspired and learn something new.

I bought the new cookbook from Attila Hildman (you might now him from his youtube channel AttilaHildmannTV) yesterday and I can say I really like it! The best is: every recipe has a picture! I love that!! I love to look through cookbooks and just look at the pictures to decide what I want to try. And then there is another really great plus factor: I had most of the ingredients already in my kitchen! For every recipe I would just have to buy 2-4 special ingredients.

Yesterday I tried two recipes out of Attila Hildmanns cookbook:
The leekquiche and the Chocolate Cupkaes.

Both were soo good!!!

I don't know if I am allowed to post the recipes here, I guess not as the cookbook is so new, so just look at my pictures:


"Chocolate"-Cupcakes with peanutbutter Topping:

There was only one problem with the cupcakes: I was wondering why there were called "Chocolate"-Cupcakes as there wasn't any chocolate in the recipe. And in fast my cupcakes doesn't look as dark at they do in the picture of the cookbook. I guess he just forgott one ingredient (the chocolate). But it doesn't really matter as the cupcakes taste soo good this way too! :-)

addition from the 31.09.09: I wrote an email to Attila Hildman and got a fast and nice reply. They actually only forgot that tere belong 30 g cacao into the muffins (and they already notice that mistake by themselves). That is easy! So if you already have the cookbook you might keep that in mind, and if you're planing to buy it, maybe you'll get the 2nd charge anyway where the problem is of course already solved.

Freitag, 28. August 2009


Today I had delicious Blackberrypancakes for Dinner. Jummie!


- wholemeal flour
- sugar
- vanille soymilk
- blackberrys

For normal vegan pancakes you put some flour, sugar and soymilk into a bowl and stil well until smooth. As we ad some blackberrys in their own juice here, you need to use less soymilk.
I Heatet the blackberrys with some sugar in a pot, so they get soft and loose some liquid. Then you fill the blackberry-sugar mix into the flour-soymilk and stir well. Now bake it and thats it!
(Uhm, my recepie-english is quite bad, I am sorry for that!)

Donnerstag, 27. August 2009

New Dressing, lactose-free-milk comment

Yesterday I experimented with a new salad-dressing. I had some berries left, so I put a hand full of each raspberries and blackberries in a blender and also a tablespoon of apple-vinegar and a tablespoon of lemon-juice.

I put it on my salad, used some sunflower-seeds for topping and then I had my Salad, some soy-"Chicken-Nuggets" and some Hummus. It was delicious!

And right now I have some big coffee with vanille-soy-milk so I am motivated to do some work.

Thank you for your comment Hase!! You are so right! And it doesn't even make sense, that I am so affraid of affront someone with my vegan-lifestyle, because until now, everybody I told was very nice and interested and started to ask me a lot of questions. Most of the people I told couldn't imagine to be a vegan themselfes, but they all said, that they have great respect for it.

Oh, and another statement: I really hate that they invented this lactose-free milk. Because there are several coffee shops where you can choose between normal milk, fat-reduced milk and lactose-free milk, but they don't have soy-milk anymore!! Before there was lactose-free milk, the request for soy-products was just higher because of all the lactose-intolerant people. And now they have lactose-free milk and stop buying soy-milk. I think you can sense that also in the supermarkets. They used to have more soy-yoghurts and different kinds of soy milk. It happens a lot that our nearest supermarket hase no soy-yoghurt left at all!
I really hate that! And I don't even understand why, some lactose-intolerant people I know told me that this milk taste very bad!!

Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

Simple food

This is what I had for Lunch and Dinner yesterday:

Salad with Tofu-Sausage and a Smoothie:

Fruit Salad with Soy-yoghurt-cinnamon-Dressing:

It was really hard to stay vegan in scotland all the time and I hav to admit that I failed sometimes (please don't hate me now, I already feel really bad about it), especially when some nice Bed&Breakfast Ladies serve proudly their breakfast... but I of course I stayed vegetarian all the time and I managed to avoid eggs also.
I don't know why I am so very confident with the vegetarian thing but not with being a vegan. I never have a problem to say that I don't eat this or that because there is meat/fish etc. inside. But I always think I affront people when I say that I don't eat dairy either. Hopefully I just have to get used to be a vegan as I am a vegetarian for so many years now.
It's easier to say I don't eat eggs, because I am already disgusted when I think about putting that into my mouth. Probably it takes some time until I am disgusted by dairy-products too.

But now I am at home again, being the one responsible for the food. So it will be no problem to stick to my vegan-diet without exceptions.
I try to lose some weight though. So I also try not to eat to much vegan-sweets but just very healthy fruit and vegetable based food.

Walking in Scotland

We are back from our Walking-Trip through beautiful Scotland.
Here are some impressions. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

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